Elysium covering solution for flat roofing

The flat roof is a very popular roofing solution in Europe, also thanks to the new trend of roof gardens or green roofs. In southern Europe problems relateed to this kind of roof emerged later on, while in the North it was immediately clear that: It is easily subject to infiltration In case of flat or almost flat slope, it is easy to make mistakes while installing the roof It is easily subject to detachment of the covering It is difficult to install solar system in a later moment Elysium metal covering system, on the other hand, has a special



Elysium Italian “GIRO” of conferences

Our Team is about to leave for a new Italian season of conferences on the road  to present Elysium as the solution to restore, revitalize and refurbish buildings. Find the stage closer to you! 11/4 UDINE 18/4 NAPOLI 19/5 TRENTO 25/5 SASSARI For further info, contact us!