Zenith skylight

ELYSIUM covering can be completed with the installation of one or more zenith skylights made in compact polycarbonate (2 mm thickness).
It’s unique and it is the first skylight integrated directly into the Elysium metal panel.

ELYLIGHT (translucent)

ELYLIGHT is an important component to increase the amount of light within the building.

The plates with zenith skylight are installed just like the standard Elysium panels. The assembly, simple and fast, is made by applying a light pressure to the profile until his complete interlocking. You do not need any additional fixing or any longitudinal overlapping joint.

According to the displacement of the light points of the building, each Elysium panel can be equipped (directly in the production phase) with the necessary number of ELYLIGHT translucent with 45 × 100 cm size.

The minimum slope installation is 3%. It is available in transparent and opaline, hail-proof and UV resistant.

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