Ridge system

Elyridge system has been designed to allow the installation of the ridge sheet, anchored to the roof without drilling the plate. Ease of installation and high reliability, are the characteristics of this Elysium accessories system.


Basis flat ridge is a joint component of the roof pitches. It is realized in one single element and connected to the other components of the system by mechanical bending of the two ends. It is available in the metal available for the Elysium covering system.

ELYRIDGE (ridge holder profile) – 2.296 mm length

Element on which to secure the sheet metal, by crimping, to the customized metal sheet; it is available in natural aluminum with 10/10 thickness; stainless steel (AISI 304) with 6/10 thickness; galvanized steel with 6/10 thickness.

ELYSTAF RIDGE (ridge holder clip)

The clip that secures the ELYRIDGE holder profile to the Elysium panels without drilling.
It is made of stainless steel (AISI 304) with 6/10 thickness.

ELYSEAL – 2.296 mm length

A special seal, suited for the Elysium profile, which is installed to avoid possible risks of leaks in stormy conditions. It is made of PE / 30, with 30 mm thickness.

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