Elyridge W
Ventilated ridge system

This ventilated ridge system is composed by all the elements which allow the installation of the ridge sheet. The micro holes ensure a continuous air flow for a perfect ventilation.
Ease of installation and high reliability, are the characteristics of this Elysium accessories system.


W flat ridge is a joint component of the roof pitches. It is realized in a single element and allows a perfect ventilation and a total tightness. It is available in the metal available for the Elysium covering system.

W ELYRIDGE (ventilated ridge holder profile) – 2.296 mm length

It’s a component characterized by micro holes, specifically designed in order to ensures a correct ventilation of the roof. As the standard element, it allows to secure the sheet metal, by crimping, to the customized metal sheet; it is available in natural aluminum with 10/10 thickness; stainless steel (AISI 304) with 6/10 thickness; galvanized steel with 6/10 thickness.

ELYSTAF RIDGE (ridge holder clip)

The clip that secures the ELYRIDGE holder profile to the Elysium panels without drilling.
It is made of stainless steel (AISI 304) with 6/10 thickness.

ELYSEAL – 2.296 mm length

A special seal, suited for the Elysium profile, which is installed to avoid possible risk of leaks in storm conditions. It is made of PE / 30, with 30 mm thickness.

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