The fall protection lifeline system available for Elysium, is a deformable lifeline that allows the recovery of the operator, in case of a fall.
The system is certified by APAVE, approved for two operators with ten-year guarantee and annual maintenance.

Elysafe complies with UNI EN 795: 2012 type C; it’s designed to be adapted to many applications. The system consists of intermediate and end brackets, made of AISI 304 stainless steel, joined by a AISI 316 steel strand 7 × 19 wires. The heart of the lifeline is composed by the absorber of energy that dissipates the energy of a fall by deforming an EPDM cylinder. The clamping of the cable on the elements is guaranteed by an innovative locking system to facilitate the insertion. The plates of the lifeline, thanks to their versatility, can hold all the elements of the system.

The lifeline, applied directly on the Elysium panels , is composed of the following elements:
a) end bracket: necessary to create the initial and the final points of the anchorage, it must be fixed to appropriate steel plates supports. In case of a fall, the articulated head follows the deformation of the cable; this freedom of movement minimizes the stress in all the elements of the anchoring device.
b) intermediate bracket: it’s placed at 2,5 to 9 m centre-distance from the elements before and after it, allowing safe passage of the user without having to release from the lifeline. The intermediate bracket must be fixed on the standard or special supports.
c) tensioner: element that allows you to apply the pre-tension on the flexible line.
d) energy absorber: reduces the kinetic energy in case of fall and softens the impact. The energy is dissipated by the action of a stainless steel ball that crosses a cylinder EPDM plate within the protective casing; in case of intervention it is necessary to replace the rubber cylinder. This element also performs the function of a tensioner for the correct positioning of the cable.
e) 7 × 19 steel cable: semi-rigid cable which allows the operator to anchor the lifeline.
f) steel plate support: designed for direct mounting on the Elysium plates by stapling.
g) identification sign: must be affixed at each access to the zone where safety measures are necessary.

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