The advanced roof

Technical/creative process


Reroofing a building is a project that must take into account several factors, including the speed of installation, external weather events (rain, wind, snow) and periodic maintenance.

Elysium is the ideal solution for your roof: a metal sheet without holes designed and built to overcome the problems of traditional roofing, emerging during the years.

The absence of external holes and lap joints make the Elysium metal panel durable and reliable thanks to its technical specifications and build quality.

The Elysium metal roofings are also highly customizable, according to construction requirements, with different accessories, coatings and special processes to ensure efficiency and a resistance to the roof like no other.

The profile in 3d

It’s better without holes

ELYSIUM is the real alternative to the traditional corrugated sheets system with external holes and overlapping joints.
With our standing seam roof without joints, you minimize the problems caused by the thermal expansion of the metals and the rise of the external fixing.

ELYSIUM is the innovative covering system designed to meet the designers requirements in the industrial , residential and public sectors. Thanks to the pressured joint system, the edges of the plates are closed and sealed, therefore the drilling operation and the installation of the clips become unnecessary.

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